If there is a band, that is really very difficult to describe, it is Vampillia, with its totally weird mixture of music genres, but… maybe calling them an avant-garde black metal noise orchestra would be the most fitting? Anyways, now they will be back in Europe after several years, bringing along their more electronic, but equally fucked up and brutal side-project, VMO as well. The bands will be on tour in December going through Germany, UK, Belgium, The Neatherlands and the Czech Republic and the best place to catch them is obviously Amsterdam, where their path crosses the KK Null / Pándi tour! Below are the tour dates, the poster and a bit of a preview of what to expect from this completely mental tour:

2016.12.07 – Germany, Munich: Feierwerk (Orangehouse)
2016.12.08 – Germany, Karlsruhe: P8
2016.12.09 – The Netherlands, Amsterdam: OCCII
2016.12.10 – The Netherlands, The Hague: State-X New Forms
2016.12.11 – The Netherlands, Tilburg: Incubate
2016.12.13 – Czech Republic, Prague: Cross Club
2016.12.16 – Belgium, Brussels: Magasin4
2016.12.17 – United Kingdom, London: Underworld
2016.12.18 – United Kingdom, Leeds: Temple Of Boom