There was a Japanese psychedelic rock overdose going on in Europe these last few months, with Acid Mothers Temple, Dhidalah and Minami Deutsch all doing EU tours (actually AMT still have a couple of dates left) and now Tō Yō joins in as well! They are a fairly new band, they have only been around for a few years and released one album so far (Stray Birds From the Far East – 2023), but they are gaining popularity fast, thanks to their laid-back, but still very groovy sound, which is heavily influenced by acid folk and some of the classic Japanese psychedelic rock bands. They only started their tour a few days ago, so there are still a lot of cities where you can catch them:

2024.05.31 – Germany, Netphen: Freak Valley Festival
2024.06.01 – Denmark, Esbjerg: Esbjerg Fuzztival
2024.06.02 – Germany, Berlin: Neue Zukunft
2024.06.04 – Hungary, Budapest: Szimpla Kert
2024.06.05 – Croatia, Zagreb: Klub Močvara
2024.06.06 – Czech Republic, Pilsen: Busking Party
2024.06.07 – Germany, Saarbrucken: Terminus
2024.06.08 – France, Lille: Le Distrot
2024.06.09 – Netherlands, Oerol: Oerol Festival
2024.06.10 – Belgium, Binche: La Binchoise
2024.06.11 – France, Rouen: le 3 Pièces
2024.06.12 – France, Troyes: Le fer à gus
2024.06.14 – France, Castres: Les Ateliers
2024.06.15 – France, Bellocq: Very Good Trip Festival
2024.06.16 – Spain, Oviedo: Lata de Zinc
2024.06.18 – Portugal, Porto: Ferro
2024.06.19 – Portugal, Coimbra: Festival Epicentro
2024.06.20 – Spain, Vigo: Radar
2024.06.21 – Portugal, Ponte De Lima: MAR
2024.06.22 – Spain, Lugo: Ho!Gtuf
2024.06.22 – Spain, Escairon: Sala Avenida
2024.06.23 – Spain, Sopelana: La Atalaia del Gardoki
2024.06.25 – France, Marseille: Le Molotov
2024.06.27 – Italy, Faenza: Clan Destino
2024.06.28 – Italy, Sezzadio: Cascina Bellaria
2024.06.29 – France, Mangod: Namass Pamouss Festival