What seemed like just yet another in a long line of international tours by DJ Krush for a long while now looks like the last chance to catch the Japanese hip-hop pioneer in a club setting outside of Japan: it was announced early September that it will be his “Last Tour” and that currently he is only planning to play worldwide at festivals and special events if at all. The somewhat strangely worded announcement (included at the end of the post) cites covid and flight prices as the main reason, but whatever is behind the decision, it is definitely worth to check the dates and attend one of the shows if possible.

2022.09.23 – Greece, Athens: Gazarte
2022.09.24 – Greece, Thessaloniki: Street Mode Arena
2022.09.28 – France, Lyon: Ninkasi Kafe
2022.09.29 – UK, London: Jazz Café
2022.09.30 – France, Nice: Musee des Arts Asiatiques
2022.10.01 – France, Clermont Ferrand: Cooperative de Mai
2022.10.04 – France, Paris: Le Petit Bain
2022.10.06 – Germany, Heidelberg: Karlstorbahnhof
2022.10.07 – Germany, Berlin: Gretchen
2022.10.08 – Germany, Hamburg: Mojo
2022.10.10 – Belgium, Brussels: Botanique
2022.10.12 – Czech, Prague: Lucerna
2022.10.13 – Austria, Vienna: WUK
2022.10.14 – Hungary, Budapest: A38
2022.10.15 – Slovakia, Kosice: Kino Usmev

“Less than a month to go until the Europe tour. KRUSH is looking forward to this as this is the first one in about two and a half years.
However, in the process of preparing for this tour, we realize that it’s difficult to work on this as casually as we had in the past due to the current situation with covid.
Flight costs are rising, it’s getting difficult to travel day by day, KRUSH is getting stressed with covid and there are physical challenges as well.
Unfortunately under various circumstances, we would like to take a break from international tours.
KRUSH has been able to work with the presence of fans all over the world.
We truly appreciate everyone and would like to continue to participate in one-off festivals and other events if we have the opportunity.
With that said, please come see KRUSH at your nearest venue.
We want as many fans as possible to experience the live DJ KRUSH sound.
A card with a QR code will be handed out exclusively to those who come to the shows; it includes a link to a special mix by KRUSH.
Please come and get it at the venues!”