Hone Your Sense, one of the most brutal bands from Japan’s metalcore / deathcore scene is coming out with a new release today: the mini album, titled Phenomena features five brand new tracks, that follow right where the band left off with its previous release, 2014’s Absolute Senses. So, we get yet another healthy dose of growling and screaming vocals, massive guitar riffs and totally unexpected rhythm changes. And most importantly, all this still without even the slightest sign of the radio friendly, melodic parts that many other similar bands like to squeeze into their songs. And all this with glorious cover artwork, that challenges the new Shadows release for the “cover artwork of the year” title. The band that’s been around since 2006 also released two music videos for the mini album and a teaser, featuring short previews of all five tracks. So, check these below along with a flyer for their upcoming domestic tour:

01.The Beginning (Instrumental)
02.One Last Time
03.Broken Toys in Attic
04.Torment and Pain
05.It’s Over