Mad3, that started somewhere in the early ’90s was Japan’s wildest (mostly) instrumental surf rock band until they decided to call it quits years ago, sometime after 2006’s Lost Tokyo album. Why? I have no idea, however at least band leader and underground fuzz guitar hero Eddie Legend remained active ever since, both as a solo act and as part of other projects. For long, long years, it seemed that Mad3 is done for good… until a few days ago when, totally out of the blue, Eddie announced in his blog, that he’s not just gonna revive the band, but they are already started to work on a new CD!

Now, a few days after the positively shocking announcement, some details are still yet to be announced, but what is known so far is: Mad3 will have an all new lineup (well, besides Eddie of course), they gonna have their “revival one-man line” at Shimokitazawa Shelter on the 8th of October and the new CD will be a mini album called Guitar Of The Dead, including four new tracks. It will be available first at the revival gig and will get a wider release later on. Check below for the track list, some photos from the recording sessions (snatched from Eddie’s blog) and two old videos… a PV and a live one, the later also including an interview segment, featuring none other than Pizzicato Five‘s Yasaharu Konishi! Additional bonus: one of my all time favorite album covers from Mad3’s 2001 single, Jungle Music From The Outer Space.

Guitar Of The Dead
01.Guitar Of The Dead
03.Hell’s Wedge
04.Fuzz Wizard Returns

Forever Teenage

Devil Men (+interview)