After a few quiet years things are getting really busy lately in Japan’s dubstep scene: only two months passed since my latest post in April and there are already a lot of new and upcoming releases to write about! So, let’s get started:

City1 only had his first ever physical release in April, but he already has another one coming up next month: he will drop a 12″ on UK’s Trusik label. Titled Buluu, the EP will contain three new tunes, all of them with a very different approach to dubstep, ranging from experimental to a more chill and laid-back sound. It will be out on the 12th of July, pre-orders are already up at various online stores and it will be also available as a digital release. More info at Trusik’s official site!

2019.07.12 / vinyl, digital
B2.Cosmic Chant

I have not mentioned ish10 yow1r0 before, even though he’s been releasing music for years now. He has experimented with several genres (including deep techno for his excellent 2018 EP, Gloomy Sea), but lately he mostly does dubstep and most of his music is available as free download through various online labels. His latest release is a four track EP called To Die 4, out on 音楽.com, so give it a listen below and also check out his extensive back catalogue on Soundcloud!

to die 4 EP
01.there is no way but to die die while suffering die a painful and agonizing death die and put an end to everything

The next one is not that new, it is from February, but I only noticed it recently and it is an important release, as it marks the debut of Møndaigai, another Back To Chill regular! He’s been DJing at the BTC parties for about two years now, had several tracks up on his Soundcloud page and now Swiss label, Subotage Records released three of those. Titled Decays, the EP is available from Beatport and Bandcamp.

2019.02.15 / digital
03.Lean In To Subconscious S Depict

And of course there are several new ones from Dayzero and Karnage! Let’s start with the one they did together, EX Vol. 2, the follow-up to their 2017 EP. Out on their own Vomitspit label, it comes with two extremely heavy and aggressive new track by each of them:

Dayzero & Karnage: EX Vol. 2
01.Dayzero: Orcinus
02.Karnage: Swordplay

Beside this there are three (!) other releases from Dayzero!

He took part in a compilation out on Youngsta‘s Sentry Records (where he also dropped a massive 12″ last year): released on the 14th of June and available on Beatport / Bandcamp, Syndicate sports a line-up filled with some of the scene’s biggest names, including Sukh Knight and Caspa and it includes a tune called Crocodile by Dayzero:

He also did two remixes for the Kwaibass label (the sister label of Kwaioto), turning drum’n’bass tunes into something completely different. They were released on one of the latest EPs by label boss Cam Lasky, titled Occulted City Tokyo – Yotsuya Kwaidan that saw him team up with Samantha Gang. And Dayzero turned Bushido Blade into a heavy dubstep monster, while for Beauty Beast he went to a completely different direction and ended up with a calm and beautiful tune:

Cam Lasky, Samantha Gang, Dayzero: Occulted City Tokyo – Yotsuya Kwaidan
2019.05.13 / digital
01.Bushido Running
02.Bushido Running (Dayzero Remix)
03.Beauty Beast
04.Beauty Beast (Dayzero Remix)

And if this was not enough, he will drop a new 12″ next month, teaming up with Andrew Howard, aka AxH. Out on the US label Heavy Traffic Recordings, the EP will be also available as a digital release and will feature three deep and heavy tunes.

AxH + Dayzero: The Steppers / Lightahs Ready / So Long
2019.06.15 / vinyl, digital
A.The Steppers
B1.Lightahs Ready
B2.So Long

In the meanwhile Karnage and Cam Lasky continued the concept series that they launched back in April on the latter’s label, Kwaioto. They have two new parts out, but while Part 1 was a dubstep release, Part 2, that was released late May is more like strange, leftfield laid-back electronics music. It still has some dubstep elements though, however Part 3 left all that behind and ended up with pure drum’n’bass sound:

Pacific Part.2
2019.05.20 / digital
01.Downtown (Original Mix)
02.Go Go Arcade (Original Mix)
03.Downtown (Beatless Mix)
04.Go Go Arcade (Beatless Mix)

Pacific Part.3
2019.06.17 / digital
01.Lost Ark (Original Mix)
02.Gerorge Washingtons (Original Mix)
03.Lost Ark (Beatless Mix)
04.Gerorge Washingtons (Beatless Mix)