Since the latest post about the Japanese dubstep scene last November there were several new releases out and not only by Dayzero and Karnage, the scene’s far more prolific guys, but also by two of their fellow producers!

Let’s start with City1‘s long overdue debut solo release, Tribal Connection, a four track EP out on US label Gourmet Beats! He’s been active for years now, not only as a producer, but also as a DJ (and a regular member of Goth-Trad‘s Back To Chill crew) and while this is his first solo release, he already dropped several tunes before: he took part in all of the Guruz compilations (1st Ascension, Asylum and their untitled 12″ in 2015), he did a joint track with fellow Japanese dubstep producer Dimness in 2017 and did remixes for J.A.K.A.M. and more recently for Churashima Navigator. The highly anticipated 12″ will be out on the 19th of April and based on the samples it will be one half dubstep and one half dub: both sides will start out with heavy deep dubstep tunes (side A with a massive banger Haribu and side B with the title tune) and end with wonderful, classic, echo and bass heavy dub tracks. The EP is already up for pre-orders, check the details here.

City1: Tribal Connection
A2.Joka Riddim
B1.Tribal Connection
B2.Siri Dub

Another BTC regular, 100mado also dropped his first EP recently: his Front Mission was released on Vomitspit mid-March. He’s been active for over ten years now, he released countless compilation tracks, a couple of remixes and he also did an excellent joint album with Venezuelan producer Pacheko back in 2009. Front Mission comes with four heavyweight dubstep tunes and it is available out in all of the proper digital stores, like Beatport, Juno and of course the label’s bandcamp.

100mado: Front Mission
01.First Time
02.Front Mission
04.Psychic Gateway

But two weeks prior to Front Mission there was also another new release on Vomitspit: an EP from Dayzero, one of the label’s owners. Titled Young Crown, the EP collected three new tunes, that displayed his mellower, heavily dub influenced  side. It is also a digital only release available on Bandcamp and all the other good stores. And by the way, Vomitspit already announced its next release: it will be a follow-up to EX Vol. 1, the joint EP from Dayzero & Karnage from 2017 and it should be out sometime around late April.

Dayzero: Young Crown
01.Young Crown
03.Silver Fox

Meanwhile Vomitspit’s other boss, Karnage dropped two releases on another label: Cam Lasky‘s Kyoto based Kwaioto. The first one, Scramble Crossing came out back in December and contained four tracks, plus three remixes, while the new one came out just a week or so ago. For the latter, called Pacific Part.1 he teamed up with Lasky and they included two tracks + alternate versions and the release is actually a tribute to Peter Tieryas‘s book United States of Japan, which takes place in an alternate reality where Japan won the WWII and conquered the United States… and where a resistance group distributes a game that takes place in an alternate reality where the US won the war… pretty interesting concept and pretty good tunes! Both releases are available on Beatport.

Karnage: Scramble Crossing
01.Scramble Crossing
02.Scramble Crossing (Cam Lasky Remix)
04.Aamon (Cam Lasky Remix)
06.Alive (Cam Lasky Remix)

Karnage & Cam Lasky: Pacific Part.1
01.The General
03.The General (Beatless Mix)
04.Agent (Beatless Mix)