When FEMM released its digital single My Revolution two weeks ago, they also announced that it is just the beginning of their new project that sees them cover Japanese pop songs from the ’80s and ’90s. So we already knew that we can expect more classic JPop covers from them, but now the details are in! They released another single this week, but more importantly, as the culmination of this project, they will drop an album as well on the 25th of October. 80s/90s J-POP REVIVAL will include twelve songs and well…  actually there aren’t many big surprises in the track list, as it looks more-or-less like a very basic karaoke playlist with huge classics, that’s been already covered by others many, many times. But nonetheless, it will feature some really good tracks, like Cany Girl from ’90s pop icon hitomi, Ippudo‘s sumire September Lover (a song that also had a more internationally famous cover by visual kei group Shazna), songs from the ever wonderful Personz and the brilliant green and one by Wink, one of the several Japanese pop groups that served as a role model for FEMM with their “two girls singing pop and doing easy dance moves” setup.

While it would be interesting to see FEMM covering some lesser known gems or some more underground tracks from that era, still, it will be very interesting to see their unique take on these true classics. The songs were produced by UK’s MYLK, a newcomer in the FEMM universe and Radical Hardcore Clique their regular collaborator, while the artowrk, just as for the first single, were done by Max Prentis for both new releases.

sotsugyo / Roman hikou
01.sotsugyo (Radical Hardcore Remix)
02.Roman hikou

2017.10.25 (digital version: 2017.10.18)
01 My Revolution feat. Akina, Anna & Mikako from FAKY [Misato Watanabe]
02 CANDY GIRL [hitomi]
03 淋しい熱帯魚 (samishii nettaigyo)[Wink]
04 どんなときも。 (donnatokimo.)[Noriyuki Makihara]
05 すみれ September Love [Ippudo]
06 There will be love there -愛のある場所- (-ai no aru basho-)[the brilliant green]
07 Dear Friends [Personz]
08 浪漫飛行 (Roman hikou)[Kome Kome Club]
09 卒業 (sotsugyo)[Yuki Saitou]
10 BELIEVE IN LOVE [Lindberg]
11 SEVEN DAYS WAR [TM Network]
12 今夜はブギー・バック (nice vocal) feat. Lil’ Fang from FAKY & Yup’in (Konyaha Boogie Back)[Scha Dara Parr and Kenji Osawa]

Updated (2017.10.14): The first music video for FEMM’s JPop cover project is in and it is was made for their version of samishii nettaigyo, one of the many classic tracks by late ’90s idol duo Wink. And they chose to do a shot-for-shot remake, that, besides the costumes being somewhat different and of course, the moves being more robotic, is identical to the original one… as you can see below: