The first few months of the year were extremely busy for Merzbow with a truly incredible amount of new releases and besides all those that I posted about (see here) there were many more that did not make it to the site, including a series of reissues on Italy’s menstrualrecordings. And now, he is back with another new album called Kaoscitron, out on Slow Down Records (スローダウンRECORDS). Actually this is the label’s second Merzbow release this year, following April’s split with Duenn and Nyantora and this new one, featuring five tracks will drop on the 22nd of October.

And don’t forget that before that he will return to Europe yet again, this time traveling to the North for some duo show with Balázs Pándi. Here are the dates again and below that, the album details:

2017.10.10 – Finland, Helsinki: Ääniwalli
2017.10.12 – Lithuania, Vilnius: Energetikos ir technikos muziejus
2017.10.14 – Latvia, Riga: Skaņu Mežs Festival

02.Kaoscitron Part.1
03.Kaoscitron Part.2
04.Kaoscitron Part 3
05.Flamingo Cloud