The unique pop duo FEMM is back again, this time with a digital single and three new tracks! They’ve been on a revival trip for a while (just check out last year’s Neon Twilight single), but it was never as obvious as now: the new single, available from iTunes, has two A side tracks and both of them are covers of old Japanese pop classics! The first one, My Revolution was originally sung my Misato Watanabe back in 1986, while the often covered other one, Konyaha Boogie Back is from 1994 and it was a collaboration between rap trio Scha Dara Parr and Kenji Osawa (from the Shibuya-kei group Flipper’s Guitar). While both songs were heavily re-arranged to have a more modern sound, they also managed to keep the original versions’ retro, laid-back vibe… and they also feature some interesting guest vocalists! For My Revolution FEMM was joined by three of the girls from FAKY, while Konyaha… features the fourth girl, Lil’Fang and solo singer Yup’in, so basically we have everyone here from super group FAMM’IN!

The single’s third song, Falling For A Lullaby is an original one and to give the single a bit of a contrast, while the other two songs are 100% Japanese, this one takes it cues from London’s new wave scene from the ’80s. Also, to give the single an interesting twist, for the accompanying visuals, FEMM’s management asked four international illustrators who have string Japanese influences to present their version of the seven girls. And as this is just the first part of the duo’s newly launched project called “80s/90s J-POP REVIVAL”, we can expect more similar releases from them!

My Revolution
01.My Revolution feat. Akina, Anna & Mikako from FAKY
02.Konyaha Boogie Back (Nice Vocal) feat. Lil’ Fang from FAKY & Yup’in (Radical Hardcore Remix)
03.Falling For A Lullaby (“Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza”’s TV commercial)

So far there are no music videos for the single, so let’s check out the videos of the original songs instead: