DJ Krush dropped 2015’s Butterfly Effect 11 years after his previous album, Jaku, but now, less than two years later he is back with another new album, released to celebrate his 25th anniversary! But Kiseki (軌跡) will be a bit different from his previous works and not only because it will be his first rap album ever: his earlier releases were always full of collaborations with international MCs with only a few occasional locals artists, while this one will feature only Japanese rappers. The very impressive list includes Ryoff Karma, OMSB, Tipleso, Meiso, Sibitt, 5lackR-Shitei (R-指定 from Creepy Nuts) and legendary Rino Latina II. Besides the regular edition, Kiseki will be also available on vinyl and as a 2 CD set, including instrumentals and actually there was a special release party yesterday in Tokyo where it was on sale already, but the official store date is the 7th of June. The album is out on his own label, Es.U.Es Corporation and there are no track samples so far and also no news about international release or distribution (however, of course it can be pre-ordered from online stores that ship worldwide, such as CDJapan).

Update: Just a day after this was posted, the international release of the 2 LP version was confirmed on the official DJ Krush fb page and also, upcoming soundcloud track previews were announced… so, stay tuned!

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Kiseki (軌跡)
02.ロムロムの滝 (Romrom no taki) feat. OMSB
03.バック To ザ フューチャ (Back To The Future) feat. チプルソ (Tipleso)
04.若輩 (jakuhai) feat. R-指定 (R-Shitei of Creepy Nuts)
05.裕福ナ國 (yuhukunakuni) feat. Meiso
06.夢境 (mukyo)
07.Monolith feat. 呂布カルマ (Ryoff Karma)
08.Dust Stream feat. Rino Latina II
09.誰も知らない (daremoshiranai) feat. 5lack
10.結-YUI- feat. 志人 (Sibitt)