Nippon Groove Radio Show – My weekly Japanese music radio show, since 2005 at Tilos Radio, a long-running Hungarian independent station. Follow Nippon Groove @ Facebook.

Nippon Groove @ Mixcloud – A collection of some of the more interesting, thematic mixes of the radio show.

Infinite Beat – My (mostly concert) photography website.


JaME – Also known as Japanese Music Europe. It deals mostly with visual kei, JPop and mainstream rock. A quite old and comprehensive news website, that’s also available in several other languages and features discographies, artist profiles and countless interviews.

Brown Noise Unit – Started out a long time ago as a site about the Australian music scene, after its 2014 revamp (while still covering international and Aussie acts) it turned its focus to the Japanese psychedelic, folk rock, drone, etc. scene and bands from the darker side of hardcore. It features album reviews and live reports, but its biggest assets are the excellent, in-depth interviews with acts you can hardly read about anywhere else.

Japan Times – It is actually a general news site, but its music section always have very interesting interviews and articles, so it is absolutely worth to check out.

Arama! Japan (renamed to Nante Japan in 2022) – Started out as a LiveJournal blog collecting Japanese entertainment news, it turned into a proper news site in 2014. Sometimes it delves a bit too much into tabloid territories and it cover pretty much only the most radio-friendly kind of music, but it still does a pretty good job at covering Japan’s mainstream music scene.

Tokyo Hive – Also deals with mainstream JPop, but with more posts about idols and tabloid news.

Tokyo Girls’ Update – Are you into girly idol pop? Then this is the place to go. Occasionally also features non-idol girl pop articles.

NekoPop – Yet another JPop news site, with a bit more of a Western approach and some interesting interviews.

JRockNews – The definitive news site about anything related to visual kei.

MTV81 – An off-shot of MTV with Japanese music interviews, features and live videos… there is a lot of interesting stuff in their archives, but they seem to be inactive recently.

Tokyo’s Coolest Sound – If you want to be up-to-date with new releases and videos by Shibuya-kei, indie pop, electropop acts and the like, this is most definitely the place to go.

Memories Of Shibuya – Also deals with Shibuya-kei, but (while it does feature news and reviews about current releases as well), as the name suggests, it is mostly concerned with the heydays of the genre, with in-depth features and biographies.

En.Core – They mostly deal with Japanese rock acts that were touring in Europe, with a bunch of interviews and live reports… while there, be sure to check out their excellent concert galleries! – In Hungarian. Since 2002.