TsuShiMaMiRe is back in Europe! So, top level Japanese art punk madness is hitting cities around the continent again as the trio embarks on their latest tour, that actually already started yesterday in Graz, but will continue for another two weeks, their next stop being Vienna tomorrow. From there they will proceed to Germany, Switzerland and San Marino before they wrap it all up in London on the 14th of June.

2023.05.30 – Austria, Graz: Explosiv
2023.06.01 – Austria, Vienna: Chelsea
2023.06.03 – Germany, Ellerdorf: Wilwarin Festival
2023.06.06 – Germany, Düsseldorf: The Tube
2023.06.08 – Germany, Stuttgart: Goldmark’s
2023.06.09 – Germany, Frankfurt: Nippon Connnection
2023.06.10 – Switzerland, Luzern: Schüür
2023.06.11 – Germany, Karlsruhe: Kohi
2023.06.13 – San Marino: Ex Trio A Volo Di Murata
2023.06.14 – UK, London: The Lexington