About the site
Japan Vibe is a cross between a personal music blog, an online magazine and a news & info website, and it tries to give an overview of what is going on in Japan’s music scene. Of course it does not try to be comprehensive, as that is pretty much impossible, but by introducing upcoming and lesser known artists, while also providing updates on better known acts, regardless of the genre they are working in, Japan Vibe tries to make the country’s music scene a bit more accessible to Western listeners, with news, reviews, live reports, interviews and occasional in-depth articles about the industry. More about it in the introductory post.

About the author
Japan Vibe is run by Oliver Frank, a music enthusiast from Hungary, who’ve been running an Asian music news website in Hungarian since 2002 (SoundOfJapan.hu), been working with Japanese bands since 2003 as a local promoter, been doing a weekly Japanese music radio show since 2005 (Nippon Groove / also on mixcloud) and also been working as a concert & event photographer for a while now (Infinite Beat).

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All promotional photos and album covers on the site are the property of the artists and / or their labels or management companies. All (mostly live) photos that are watermarked with japanvibe.net, soundofjapan.hu and infinitebeat.hu logos are the property of the website’s owner. As long as the watermark remains clearly visible, they can be re-used online for non-commercial means. For full sized non-watermarked versions and about promotional use, please contact me at the below email address.

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