Hardcore group PALM is currently touring Europe along Friendship, a grindcore band from Chiba and UK’s Kurokuma (the latter only joining them for the UK gigs). They started the tour last weekend with a show at Bloodshed Fest and after a series of UK dates they will be heading for the continent with shows in France and Germany, wrapping it up with a performance in Belgium on the 30th of September. Check out the dates below and if you are around any of these places and like hardcore even a little bit… go and check them out, as they are easily one of the best Japanese hc acts around nowadays. By the way, they just released a new album last month and also released a new music video that you can watch above.

2018.09.14 – Netherlands, Eindhoven: Bloodshed Fest
2018.09.15 – UK, London: THE DEV
2018.09.16 – UK, Manchester: Rebellion
2018.09.17 – UK, Sheffield: The Harley
2018.09.18 – UK, Hull: Gorilla Studios
2018.09.19 – UK, Edinburgh: Banshee Labyrinth
2018.09.20 – UK, Nottingham: Stuck On A Name
2018.09.21 – UK, Leeds: Temple of Boom
2018.09.22 – France, Paris: El Mariachi
2018.09.23 – France, Nantes: La scène Michelet
2018.09.24 – France:, Lyon:
2018.09.25 & 26 – TBA
2018.09.27 – Germany, Leipzig: ZXRX
2018.09.28 – Germany, Berlin: Gerber 3
2018.09.29 – Germany, Cologne: TBA
2018.09.30 – Belgium, Antwerp: het bos