Just months after Primary Pulse, GRIM is back with two new release announcements:

The first one is Body, another cassette release, this time on Portuguese label Atelier 5-7-5. There isn’t much info about it at this point, but it will be a strictly limited edition of 50 copies and so far, the only way to pre-order the cassette is by sending a private message to label owner Druuna Jaguar on Facebook.

The other one will be somewhat of a follow-up to last year’s Discharge Mountain 10″, also out on the same label as that one, Athanor from France. And titled Orochi, this new 10″ will be released for winter solstice, so, on the 21st of December. No news about pre-orders yet, but the label’s releases are usually available directly from them on Discogs and also thought distros like Germany’s Tesco Organization.

Update (2018.09.21): The Body cassette was officially released yesterday with only 9 copies left after the pre-order period… but those were all sold within hours, so the physical version is now sold out. However the digital version is available on bandcamp (it was since deleted by the label upon Mr. Konagaya’s request, who prefers to keep GRIM “physical only”).