Merzbow is coming out with new material all the time, so it is no surprise that even though 2017 hardly began, the year’s first Merzbow release announcement is already here. Muen, the latest work from the God Of Noise will be out on Sores, the sub-label of Sweden’s Sound+Matter and the 12″ LP will have two long pieces, one each side, that are “based on the concepts of muen, kugai and raku all referring to tactical freedoms or liberties within the structures of medieval Japan. A reflection on concepts that have been lost since the seventeenth century, according to historian Yoshihiko Amino“, as the press release says. The label already posted samples from both sides on their soundcloud page and judging from those, the album will feature the heavily layered and oscillating noise soundscapes, making use of every frequency there is, from the lowest to the highest… so, the sound Merzbow is known and loved for. The release date isn’t finalized yet, but the LP should be out sometime late February and will be limited to 375 copies, featuring adorably disturbing bunny sculpture artwork.

A.Unrelated Part 1 (Kugai)
B.Unrelated Part 2 (Raku)