I am absolutely not planning to write about each and every new Merzbow release, but the new announcement, if possible, sounds even more exciting than the Sun Ra rework one from a few weeks ago. And why? Because what we usually get from Merzbow is brutal wall-of-noise, free jazzy noise chaos or deep, somewhat meditative rumblings, all made with his laptop and his usual gear, but for the new album, called Hatobana he takes a very different route. Based on the announcement and the short preview, the sound will be more tribal and ethnic than anything he has ever done before and also, besides his usual tools of the trade here he also uses guitar, wooden percussion, violin and maranzano.

The album will be out on Italy’s Rustblade (pre-order is already available at their website) on the 15th of October and it will be available in two versions: as a double CD and as a deluxe set, including an additional CD and some other extras, all housed in a grey juta bag.

01.Hachigata 2
02.Fragment R
03.Hachigata 3
04.Granulation 221

CD 2
02.Hachigata 4
04.Granulation D

01.Hachigata 5
02.Hato 2231
03.Calling the Rain part 1
04.Calling the Rain part 2
05.Ko To No O To part 1
06.Ko To No O To Part 2