Even though Pizzicato Five, the Shibuya-kei group that built up a very serious international following in the ’90s is long gone (they disbanded in 2001), their legacy still lives on. And the ones that do the most to keep the legacy alive are actually the former members of the group, that is best known in its late incarnation as a duo of composer Yasaharu Konishi and singer Maki Nomiya. The latest episode of the Pizzicato saga is the new double album by the wonderful Miss Maki, released today, where she digs deep into the French roots and influences of the Shibuya-kei movement, with covers of classic French songs, including a truly amazing rendition of Un Homme et Une Femme that she did together with Crazy Ken Band‘s Ken Yokoyama. But he is not the only guest, as the album also features the French singer Clémentine and felow Shibuya-kei veteran Hideki Kaji. She also covers a few Japanese songs, that also had French influences and besides all these, there are also several Pizzicato Five self-covers! Including Weekend, Tokyo wa yoru no 7ji, Sweet Soul Revue and also a medley at the end of the second disc, which is a live CD, recorded last year. And to make it all complete, even Mr. Konishi pops up in the credits, as the translator of the above mentioned Un Homme… cover. So, really, this is as close as we can get to the beloved Pizzicato Five and classic Shibuya-kei sound!

Un Homme et Une Femme – otoko to onna  – Nomiya Maki, French Shibuya-kei o utau.
02.Un Homme Et Une Femme (男と女 [en duo avec 横山剣 (Ken Yokoyama) de クレイジーケンバンド (Crazy Ken Band)])
03.La Chanson Des Jumelles (双子姉妹の歌 [en duo avec クレモンティーヌ (Clémentine)])
04.Shibuya de goji (渋谷で5時 [en duo avec クレモンティーヌ (Clémentine) et avec 鈴木雅之 (Masayuki Suzuki)])
05.aruhi totsuzen (或る日突然 -Gainsbourg Version-)
06.Weekend (ウィークエンド [en duo avec クレモンティーヌ (Clémentine)])
07.Un Homme Et Une Femme (男と女 -All Scat Version- [en duo avec クレモンティーヌ (Clémentine), カジヒデキ(Hideki Kaji) et avec 久保ミツロウ (Mitsuro Kubo), 能町みね子 (Mineko Nomachi), ヒャダイン (Hyadain)])
08.Tokyo wa yoruno 7ji (東京は夜の七時 -盆踊りVersion- -Bonus Track-)
09.Sweet Soul Review (スウィート・ソウル・レヴュー -盆踊りVersion- -Bonus Track-)

01.Tokyo wa yoruno 7ji (東京は夜の七時)
03.What The World Needs Now Is Love)
05.ongakunoyouna kaze (音楽のような風)
07.Friends Again (フレンズ・アゲイン)
09.Daniel Mon Amour (ダニエル・モナムール)
10.Jazz A Gogo (ジャズる心)
11.Contact (コンタクト)
12.Ex Fan Des Sixties (想い出のロックンローラー)
14.Paris no koibito tokyo no koibito (パリの恋人/トーキョーの恋人)
16.Chuo Freeway (中央フリーウェイ)
18.What The World Needs Now Is Love (世界は愛を求めてる)
19.Pizzicato Five Medley (ピチカート・ファイヴ・メドレー2015)