After long years Melt-Banana finally returned to Europe and is on tour right now! A couple of shows are already done and they are playing in Weinheim, Germany tonight, but there are still several gigs left including two festival appearances: one at Brutal Assault in Czech Republic and one at Fekete Zaj in Hungary. The European tour will be unusually short by their standards and also compared to the following US tour that will start late Sept and last till mid-Nov. Anyways, expect a live report and photo gallery from their show in Hungary next week!

2022.08.03 – Germany, Hamburg: Hafenklang
2022.08.04 – Denmark, Copenhagen: Basement
2022.08.05 – Sweden, Hammenhög: Garage
2022.08.06 – Sweden, Gotenburg: Skuljet
2022.08.09 – Germany, Weinheim: Cafe Central
2022.08.10 – Germany, Nürnberg: Kantine
2022.08.11 – Germany, Karlsruhe: Alte Hackerei
2022.08.12 – Germany, Jena: Cafe Wagner
2022.08.13 – Czech Republic, Fortress Josefov: Brutal Assault Festival
2022.08.14 – Czech Republic, Prag: Modra Vapice
2022.08.17 – Hungary, Gyöngyös: Fekete Zaj Festival
2022.08.18 – Austria, Wien: Chelsea
2022.08.20 – Germany, Berlin: Urban Spree