After his recent tours with Merzbow and Keijo Haino, Hungarian drummer Balázs Pándi will travel around Europe with yet another Japanese noise legend, KK. Null. By far the longest of the three tours, this trip will start in Slovenia on the 25th of November, then it will cross Croatia, Italy, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, UK and end in the Czech Republic about three weeks later. And the duo’s first LP, called Demoncore will be out sometime soon as well on vinyl, released by US label Ohm Resistance… however there is no more info about that at the moment.

Check below for the tour dates and a bonus gallery with pictures from the duo’s previous tours in 2014 and 2015. Also, you can check my previous interviews with KK. Null… one from 2015 and a more in-depth one from 2006.

2016.11.25 – Slovenia, Trbovlje: Sound Chambers Series, vol. 2 @Vashava RTH
2016.11.26 – Croatia, Rijeka: Omladinski kulturni centar Palach
2016.11.27 – Slovenia, Ljubljana: Klub Gromka
2016.11.28 – Italy, Bologna: Freakout Club
2016.11.29 – Italy, Roma: DalVerme Circolo
2016.11.30 – Italy, Recanati: Circolo Dong
2016.12.02 – Italy, La Spezia: Btomic Ghost and Frame Live Club
2016.12.03 – Italy, Porto Marghera: Spazio Aereo
2016.12.04 – Switzerland, Geneve: La Cave 12
2016.12.05 – France, St. Etienne: NNY Fest. at La Guele Noire
2016.12.06 – France, Paris: Gtok Gtko at Les Instants chavirés
2016.12.07 – France, Rennes: Bar Le Terminus Rennes
2016.12.08 – UK, London: Café OTO
2016.12.09 – Netherland, Amsterdam: OCCII
2016.12.11 – Czech Republic, Praha: TBA
2016.12.12 – Czech Republic, Brno: Fórum pro architekturu a média