Goth-Trad just released his latest album, Psionics (well, its pre-order only limited version at least, the regular version will be out sometime later), but he is already back with more new material! This time he made a remix for Bristol’s post-punk heroes The Pop Group for a track off their latest album, Honeymoon On Mars. You can listen to both the original version of Zipperface and its remix below to hear just how drastically G-T changed and rebulit the track, taking it to the more experimental direction he’s been going lately, with brutally distorted vocal samples bubbling up from below the insanely heavy basslines and also including the infamous hoover sound sample, to give it all a strange, retro rave feel. If you expect his trademark deep dubstep sound, this might not be for you, but other than that, this is one of his best and more exciting remixes so far. The remix was released digitally, though the usual sources and you can find all the stream and download links here.

(More Goth-Trad coming soon at Japan Vibe: Psionics review and an interview!)