While Bassiani is mainly known as a popular club in Tbilisi, Georgia, they recently started a label as well and their most recent release is just incredible. It is pretty much like a who-is-who of Japanese techno featuring four of the biggest names of the scene. Side A of the 12″ starts with a trippy and bass-heavy track by Wata Igarashi and is followed by Takaaki Itoh, who abandoned his usual harder sound this time for a more atmospheric approach. On the flip-side Iori returns to his trademark dark, dub techno influenced music after his experimental detour on the Cold Radiance album, while legendary DJ Nobu delivers UFO, a track that stays true to its name with its otherworldly beeping sounds. To make things even better, the 12″ that was released a couple of days ago and which is available from Juno, comes with beautiful artwork, inspired by classic Japanese paintings as seen above.

Various Artists: BAS003
A1.Wata Igarashi: Stratosphere
A2.Takaaki Itoh: Monobehaviour
B1.Iori: Mist
B2.DJ Nobu: UFO