Sometime after their European tour and our interview, Qujaku kinda disappeared for a while: ever since mid-summer there weren’t any news posted on their official or facebook site and rarely anything on twitter either, but it seems it was simply because they were working hard on their new release that was announced last Friday! They will return with their second EP, titled S on the 25th of October and along with the announcement they also uploaded a new music video for MEI, the EP’s closing track. And it is a real monster: it follows their trademark psychedelic shoegaze sound, but it is noisier than ever… until it the guitar noise suddenly cuts off towards the end, to take the song to another direction… for a while.

The EP will contain five tracks, including gyakushi, that was already released on their now sold out 12″, H this April. There are a couple of stores listed on their official site where the CD will be in stock, including the Qujaku webshop, but no words yet if it will be available internationally.