Back in 2015 when Qujaku (still under their old name, The Piqnic) played a totally out-of-the-blue show in Budapest during their first, short European tour, I went to check them out without knowing much about them and I was blown away: their insanely heavy and trippy psychedelic rock was so incredible live, that it easily won the “best concert of 2015” prize in my book. I was telling everyone that they have the potential to become the next Boris or Mono and they might get one step closer to that with their upcoming EU tour, which will be by far their longest to date. Most of the 23 shows will be UK dates, but they will also play in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. And that’s not all, as they will also release a 10″ EP the same day the tour starts, on the 16th of April, called H with two new, long tracks. And one of those, gyakushi was already posted in soundcloud and it is noisier than any of their previous material. Check that out below, along with the tour dates and a few photos and a video from their gig in 2015!


2017.04.16 – UK, Manchester: Islington Mill (Fat Out Fest)
2017.04.17 – UK, London: The Birthdays
2017.04.18 – Belgium, Brussels: Magasin 4
2017.04.19 – Germany, Munster: Gleiss 22
2017.04.20 – Belgium, Gent: Charlatan
2017.04.21 – Germany, Frankfurt: Cafe Exzess
2017.04.22 – Germany, Leipzig: Spelunke
2017.04.23 – Germany, Berlin: XB-Liebig
2017.04.24 – Czech Republic, Brno: Bajkazyl Brno
2017.04.25 – Germany, Halle: Reil 78
2017.04.26 – Czech Republic, České Budějovice: Velbloud
2017.04.28 – Switzerland, Sion: Le Port Franc
2017.04.30 – UK, Brighton: Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar
2017.05.04 – UK, Worcester: The Firefly
2017.05.05 – UK, Halifax: The Gundog
2017.05.06 – UK, Nottingham: JT Soar
2017.05.11 – UK, Cardiff: Gwdihw
2017.05.12 – UK, Wrexham: Undegun Art Space (Focus Wales 2017)
2017.05.13 – UK, Birmingham: The Sunflower Lounge
2017.05.18 – UK, Preston: The Continental
2017.05.19 – UK, Glasgow: Nice N Sleazy
2017.05.20 – UK, York: Dusk
2017.05.21 – UK, Newcastle: The Globe
2017.05.27 – UK, London: The Dome (Raw Power Festival)

(the photos and the video was originally posted here accompanied by a live report in Hungarian)