Miyavi return with a new album in November, but this time not with a regular studio album, but with a follow-up to his Samurai Sessions from 2012. Which means: it is yet again time for guest singers and guest musicians! The original EP was a very diverse and exciting collection of tracks, each featuring a different guest and this new one looks even more promising. This time we get a full length and the list of featured artists is just incredible. We gonna have: Daichi Miura, one of the most interesting JPop singers nowadays, Sky-Hi, the rapper from co-ed group AAA (I told you he pops up everywhere recently!), Shokichi from EXILE, Verbal (of m-flo and PKCZ fame), Chanmina, a young rapper girl with a big hype going on around her, Masato from metalcore group Coldrain, KenKen, bassist from Rize (and a couple of other bands), Che’Nelle, a pop / R&B singer and last, but most definitely not least, Hyde, singer and living legend from Vamps and L’Arc~en~Ciel… such an amazingly massive list! And for the last track Miyavi will team up with… Miyavi!?

So, this is definitely one of the most interesting, unexpected and also, most anticipated releases of the year. Titled Samurai Sessions vol.2, it will drop on the 8th of November, will be out in two versions, CD only and CD+DVD, the latter including a music video and some live footage. Covers above, track listing and promo photo below, music video sometime later!

Samurai Sessions vol.2
01. Dancing With My Fingers / MIYAVI vs DAICHI MIURA
02. Gemstone / MIYAVI vs SKY-HI
04. Banzai Song / MIYAVI vs VERBAL (m-flo, PKCZ)
05. Bumps In The Night / MIYAVI vs Masato (coldrain)
06. No Thanks Ya / MIYAVI vs CHANMINA
07. Flashback / MIYAVI vs KenKen (LIFE IS GROOVE, RIZE, Dragon Ash)
08. All My Life / MIYAVI vs HYDE
09. Forget You / MIYAVI vs Che’Nelle
10. Slap It / MIYAVI vs 雅-MIYAVI-

01.Dancing With My Fingers / MIYAVI vs DAICHI MIURA Music Video
02.MIYAVI 15th Anniversary Live”NEO TOKYO 15″ ライブ映像5曲
03.MIYAVI 15th Anniversary Live”NEO TOKYO 15″ ドキュメント映像