OK, this was… unexpected. One of the most charming indie-pop / indie-rock groups Czecho No Republic and SKY-HI, the rapper from co-ed JPop group AAA teamed up for a joint track. And what’s even more surprising than the pairing itself is that… the track called Time Traveling actually works really fine! While I really could not imagine how this would sound, it clearly shows, that SKY-HI (who is pretty much everywhere lately) is quite familiar with pop melodies and he actually manages to fit his rapping style and rhymes to Czecho’s euphorically happy music.

While the single will only drop at the end of September, a longer preview of the music video is already out and based on that we gonna get a helluva addictive little track. About halfway through the video cuts into a recording documentary that also seems quite interesting, and that’s also featured in its full version on the single’s additional DVD, along with the music video and a live performance of the title track. The CD itself also comes with two additional songs (without SKY-HI), which are both new renditions of old Czecho favorites: an acoustic version of 2015’s For You and a new recording of 2013’s Music featuring a bunch of guest musicians.

Time Traveling (タイムトラベリング)
01.Time Traveling
02.For You (Acoustic Arrangement)
03.MUSIC (Czecho to 12 Nin no Nakamatachi Ver.)

01.Time Traveling – Music Video
02.Czecho No Republic x SKY-HI Documentary
03.Time Traveling (Live @ Rock In Japan Festival 2017)