In the middle of December Plasticzooms will be back with a new single, their first new release since their latest album and their Spring EU tour. Besides Minds, the title track, the single will feature three more songs: two re-recorded tracks with guest vocalists from Lillies And Remains, The Novembers and idol group Maison Book Girl, plus a remix of Quite Cleary by Electrosexual, a Berlin-based producer, who is their constant collaborator on their latest releases. And even though the release date is still quite far away from now, the music video (made by Havit Art Studio) for Minds, a track that marks their return to the melodic new wave sound is already up on youtube!

02.Pink Snow -2017 version- feat. KENT (Lillies and Remains), コショージメグミ (Koshoji Megumi / Maison book girl) 小林祐介 (Yusuke Kobayashi / The Novembers)
03.Time In The Cellar -2017 version- ft. コショージメグミ (Maison book girl)
04.Quite Cleary (Electrosexual Remix)