Yet another European tour, this one is for next Spring by Tokyo’s underground favorites, Plasticzooms! So, who they are? They started back in 2007, had their first releases out in 2009 and their DIY attitude, their obsession with everything ’80s and their unique mixture of darkwave and more aggressive indie rock quickly made them a cult favorite and especially Sho Asakawa, their singer, creative director and fashion designer became an iconic figure in the city’s underground circles. Later, after releasing four albums, they moved to Berlin for a year in mid-2015 to look for new inspiration and this led to some collaborations, a couple of concerts, first only in Berlin, then later all over Europe and even though they moved back home this year, they will be back again in 2017 for a long tour that will last from late February till late April.

Along with the tour, they also announced their new, eponymous album, that will hit the stores mid-January. This announcement came with a short promo video and after they were gradually toning down their sound for the last couple of years, this new preview finally teases with a return to a darker, heavier sound. Check it out below, along with a couple of older videos and of course the (not yet complete) tour dates and some more details about the upcoming album:

01. Frontal Attack
02. The Future
03. Quite Cleary
04. Minds
05. Highway
06. U12
07. Night & Hurt
08. Smoke Motion
09. Veiled Eyes
10. Breitenbach

2017.02.24 – Germany, Berlin: Urban Spree
2017.02.25 – Germany, Berlin: Monarch
2017.02.26 – Poland, Poznan: Alligator
2017.03.03 – Belgium, Brussels: Made in Asia
2017.03.04 – Belgium, Brussels: (afternoon) Made in Asia
2017.03.04 – Belgium, Brussels: (evening) Rock Classic
2017.03.05 – Belgium, Brussels: Made in Asia (Fanmeeting)
2017.03.08 – Germany, Köln: Blue Shell + guest (SCARGOT)
2017.03.09 – Neatherland, Amstelveen: P60
2017.03.11 – Japan FM online live + interview
2017.03.12 – Belgium, Liege: Le Garage + guest (SCARGOT)
2017.03.17 – France, Lille: DIY Café
2017.03.18 – France, Paris: venue to be announced
2017.03.31 – Czech Republic, Prague: Chapeau Rouge
2017.04.01 – Poland, Warsaw: Voodoo Club
2017.04.07 – Germany, Hamburg: Astra Stube
2017.04.14 – France, Marseilles: la Salle Gueule
2017.04.15 – France, Toulon: Mang’Azur
2017.04.17 – Switzerland, Montreux: Polymanga
2017.04.21 – Denmark, Copenhagen: J-Pop Con
2017.04.22 – Hungary, Budapest: Tavaszi Mondocon