Ever since he first showed up as a member of the now-disbanded Tokyo hip-hop crew Nitro Microphone Underground (that gave a lot of great MCs to Japan’s hip-hop scene, including Suiken and Dabo) Macka-chin‘s been regarded as an MC and producer with a very unique, easily recognizable style. Both his flow and production has a special, chill, laid-back vibe, that were already present on the NMU tracks, but were fully displayed on his long line of solo releases and his collaborations, including Mabo (his duo with the aforementioned Dabo) or the Incompleteness Theorem album, he did together with the Grunterz.

And now, he will return with a brand new album, called Maririn Café Blue out on P-Vine Records early October, featuring a lot of interesting guest acts, including JBM, Lunch Time Speax‘s Gocci and Tokyo Health Club (who had an album out this summer, that featured Macka-chin, so now they are returning the favor). And as a warm-up single for the album, they released a track featuring Ryoff Karma (who was already mentioned here earlier, as the guest MC of the 6eyes album) and a couple of days ago they released the track’s promotional video. Here Macka-chin was only responsible for the music, so I added a couple of older videos: two from his 2003 classic, Chin Near Here that also displays his MC skills and an instrumental track from a few years ago: