The Nagoya based indie rock band 6eyes built up a pretty serious cult following with their first two albums (Pirate Music ‎and Blank In Black), thanks to their wonderfully dissonant music and the typical, nihilistic vocals of their singer, Chikara Tsuchiya. However after they released the excellent follow-up, Flush in 2011 (that added saxophone to the mix, which made them sound somewhat like a forgotten Eastern European underground band from the ’80s) there was nothing for quite some time. They played shows all the time, but for years, there wasn’t any news about upcoming releases… until a couple of weeks ago, when they finally announced that their 4th album will be out on the 20th of July. A bit surprisingly it will be out on a Nagoya based hip-hop label, called Jet City People with one of the tracks even featuring label founder Ryoff Karma (呂布カルマ).

Actually they already released a music video for that one along with one for the opening track and they sound great, but somewhat different from what they were doing on their previous albums. Especially Bang Bang, the one with Ryoff that is a nice little jazzy hip-hop track and if it wasn’t for Chikara’s lazy vocals in the background, I would probably never recognize that it was them. As a 6eyes track, it sounds strange at first, but actually it grows on you easily with a few listens. The other track Party no kaerimichi wa magao de (パーティの帰り道は真顔で ) is much more typical, with some glorious guitar noise, but it replaces the saxophone sound with piano, which makes it sound a bit softer than what we got used to from them. So, the new material sounds good, but quite different so far, we just gotta wait till the album drops to see what the rest of the songs will sound like… Until then, check the videos below:

01.パーティの帰り道は真顔で (Party no kaerimichi wa magao de)
02.BANG BANG feat. 呂布カルマ (Ryoff Karma)
07.oh yeah

Live @ Shimokitazawa Basement Bar, 2009
Live @ Shimokitazawa Basement Bar, 2009