FEMM, a duo that claims that they are “mannequins” is one of the most interesting things that showed up in Japan’s pop music scene in the last few years and they even managed to build up a pretty strong international fan base with their unique image, concept, sound, music videos and last, but definitely not least, their strong and English-friendly online presence. And now they are back with a new digital single with two tracks: Neon Twilight, which is your usual new wave-ish electro pop song and Countdown, that starts off with a Public Enemy sample and is much more groovy, with a lovely old-school hip-hop feel. Both tracks are knee deep in the ’80s revival that’s been the rage for a while and same goes for their accompanying music videos that are said to be inspired by the manga version of Akira, but actually remind the viewer more to Yello‘s classics like Bostich or The Race with their strange use of colors and editing.

Neon Twilight / Countdown (digital)
01.Neon Twilight