Back in January I already posted about Controlled Death, the current project of Maso Yamazaki (of Masonna fame) and this year turned out to be extremely busy for him with a long line of new releases:

The most recent one is Selected Evil and Death Works 2018-2019, which, as the title suggests, is a collection of earlier material. It contains cuts from out-of-print cassette and flexi releases along with some unreleased tracks, it was released on CD late September by Japanese label Dotsmark and the artwork was done by none other than GRIM‘s Jun Konagaya! Unfortunately the CD quickly sold out and even though it was also sold through Bandcamp, there was no digital edition.

Just a month before that, on the 21st of August, Controlled Death released a split album with Rudolf (who is originally from Switzerland, but is based in Japan) called Death Ceremonies. Out on digital (thru Bandcamp) and on vinyl, the LP contains eight mostly short tracks from each of them and it is all pure ritual / death industrial with a very dark and menacing atmosphere. Really good stuff, out on seminal UK label Cold Spring. Fun fact: and Maso Yamazaki already worked together back in 1997, in the Masonna era on a cut-up CD called Arschloch-onna.

Still in August, Holy Terror (a Belgian label that releases every kind of music from black metal and hardcore to noise and industrial), dropped Death Entries Complete Box which collects three LPs with an additional cassette. The later was only available in this box set, which quickly sold out, the LPs (all three containing two untitled tracks clocking around 15 minutes) however were also released separately and are still available thru the label’s Bandcamp page. There is a digital version as well, but it also misses the material from the cassette. Two of the LPs (parts 2 and 3) were released the same day as the box, while the first one came out back in late April.

And just a few weeks before Death Entries 1, but still in April, there was another vinyl release, however this time not an LP, but a 7″. Titled Beautiful Decomposition, it contained ten extra short tracks, which kinda recalled the Masonna days, but instead of those era’s fast, insane noise attacks, this time we got the lo-fi rumbling death industrial that Controlled Death is known for. This one was released on Germany’s Total Black and while the 7″ itself sold out as fast as expected, the digital edition is available on Bandcamp.

Oh and if it was not enought, Urashima just reissued the first ever Controlled Death recording, 2018’s Symphony For The Black Murder on cassette, in a beautiful box set, limited to 99 copies only, available only through their website.

Beautiful Decomposition
2020.04.15 / 7″, digital
A.Beautiful Decomposition 1-5
B.Beautiful Decomposition 6-10

Death Entries Complete Box
2020.08.07 / 3 lp+cassette, digital
Death Entries 0 cassette
Death Entries 1 vinyl
Death Entries 2 vinyl
Death Entries 3 vinyl

Controlled Death / Rudolf Death Ceremonies
2020.08.21 / lp, digital
A.Rudolf Ende Leben (Hëxapoda Cëremonia) I-VIII
B.Controlled Death: Death Ceremony I-VIII

Selected Evil and Death Works 2018-2019
2020.09.23 / cd
01.Evil Discharge (Pt.1&2)
02.Evil Discharge (Pt.3&4)
04.Black Lucifer Rising
05.Death Trip
06.Prayer For A Holy Death