A bit more than a year after Gang!, her second album and her first under her current label Zombie-Chang (aka. Meirin Yung) will return with a new full length… and with a somewhat different sound. Her very early releases were a kind of a mix between indie and folk rock, but she quickly ditched that path, switched to synth pop and from that moment on, everything she did was pure gold. The new release, Petit Petit Petit however will see her return to live instruments: while she is still in charge of both lyrics and music (and artwork as well by the way), she gathered a support band around her and even rearranged her previous single track, the charmingly zany We Should Kiss for the album. The release will open with another rearranged oldie, Lemonade a track off her eponymous 2016 debut album and will feature eight songs altogether.

The album will be out early July, so there is still a lot of time to go and as there is no new music video yet, expect an update to this post later on and in the meantime re-watch the wonderful We Should Kiss below.

Updated (2018.07.07): The album was released a couple of days ago and along with that we also got a new music video for Mona Lisa. Visually it follows on the footsteps of the previous Zombie-Chang videos, while the sound, as previously announced, is somewhat different now as it features a live band instead of just electronics… but at its core, it is still the good old Zombie-Chang sound we grew to love over the last few years.

Petit Petit Petit
01.レモネード (Lemonade)
02.イジワルばかりしないで (ijiwaru shinai de)
03.ときどき、わからなくなるの (tokidoki, wakaranaku naru no)
04.モナリザ (Mona Lisa)
05.愛のせいで (ai no sei de)
06.We Should Kiss
07.なんかムカツク (nanka mukashiku)
08.オニオンスライス (Onion Slice)