Vamquet, a new project by Kai (from legendary, but long gone goth rock band Art Marju Duchain), Közi (formerly of Malice Mizer and Eve Of Destiny, nowadays active with ZIZ, Dalle, as a solo act and maybe still with XA VAT?) and Sadie Pink Galaxy (from Speecies, formerly of Jubilee and also from XA VAT) was announced back mid-summer, but for a while it was unclear if it is only some live-only side project or if it will eventually turn into a full time band. Fortunately it seems that the latter is the case as after playing several gigs, the trio’s first release hits the stores this week! Out on Sadie Pink Galaxy’s Glamtronik Records, the mini album, called Vamhaus will feature six tracks and based on the preview video (check it below!) it will be an interesting mixture of the dark and melancholic goth rock sound of Art Marju Duchain, the electro punk of Speecies and the more melodic new wave of Közi (and his band ZIZ).

04.Hidden Truth
05.Vam Marsch