Rapper Shing02, who is quite well known worldwide, thanks to his involvement with the cult-favorite anime Samurai Champloo and his other works with late hip-hop producer supreme Nujabes, recently took part in an interesting project: the city of Kyoto was appointed as Culture City of East Asia for 2017 and to promote this, they made a spectacular promotional video to showcases the beauties of the ancient city. And they picked one of Shing02’s songs as background music, which, as many of his tracks, is fully in English.

And this is the point where things go a bit weird: the Culture City of East Asia project is a joint effort of Japan, China and South Korea and they used an English track from an internationally acknowledged artist, so it could be a great chance to promote Kyoto to potential visitors both in Asia and elsewhere… however the video’s title and the description are only in Japanese. And while there is also another copy of the same video on the same channel with English title, that one does not have any description or info about the project. Not event a link to the project’s website which at least has some basic info in English (here and here). So, really, with just a tiny bit more effort it could be such an amazing promo for Kyoto, but they managed to botch it up at the very end.

Still, it does not make the video itself (or Kyoto) any less amazing: