No Funeral, a label based in Ontario, Canada just released a new album from Merzbow called Dead Lotus: it contains four tracks, Dead Lotus parts 1 to 3 and a longer one Spirulina Blue. It is available on cassette in three different versions: 50 copies as hand painted “pink lotus” edition, available exclusively from the label, a Merzbow exclusive “gold metallic” edition and a regular edition on dirty white tapes, limited to 100 copies. The pink version is available on Storenvy, just as the white version, but the latter is also up on Bandcamp, plus there is a t-shirt as well, with or without the cassette. On Bandcamp Dead Lotus is also available digitally (with full length preview streaming) and it is easily amongst the best recent Merzbow releases:

Dead Lotus
2019.07.06 / cassette, digital
01.Dead Lotus pt. 1 04:17
02.Dead Lotus pt. 2 04:53
03.Dead Lotus pt. 3 04:50
04.Spirulina Blue 14:42