While Osaka’s Corrupted is clearly a legend in its own right, they went through a serious crisis during the last few years: Hevi, their vocalist, whose voice was a vital part of the band’s dark and brutal doom metal sound left after they released their latest album, 2011’s Garten Der Unbewusstheit and ever since then, the band’s been struggling to find a replacement. They had temporary vocalists (including the wonderful Rie Lambdoll who can be seen in this video from 2014) and with one of them they released a 7″ single, Loss in 2015, but it got pretty bad reviews (for a pretty good reason) and again, they disappeared for a while, playing only a handful of shows since.

But it seems that now they are finally back and they will return with a brand new 12″ release on UK’s seminal underground label, Cold Spring. The EP, called Felicific Algorithim will be an odd one though: each side will have one track and they can be played at both 33 and 45 RPM and at the band’s request, there will be no download code and no samples available. And the good news is that it seems that they are really back for good this time as the band’s leader, Chew Hasegawa said that this 12″ “is the beginning of the Hollow series”, so hopefully we can expect some more new material from them sometime soon. The 12″ will be released in a limited edition mid-February, it will include a foldout poster and it can be pre-ordered from the label’s webshop.

Felicific Algorithim 12″
2018.02.16 / Cold Spring / CSR240LP