Guitar Wolf, Japan’s best known (and by far noisiest) garage rock band is back in Europe at long last! They released their latest album, their 12th altogether back in May, after three years without new material and well… it was just like any of their earlier releases: and album full of extremely noisy & messy rock tunes, that somehow still manage to be damn groovy. But then, they were never the kind of band that you would expect anything new from… on the contrary, when you put of a GW record, you expect the ridiculously raw garage rock, drown in layers and layers of feedback and yet again, this new one delivered that perfectly. And their shows are reportedly just as wild as their albums, so check ’em out if you can. Below are their EU dates, but before that… two videos from the latest album: the title track, T-Rex from A Tiny Space Yojouhan and another one called Jet Reason, both directed by Tetsurou Takeuchi, who, back in 1999 was also in charge of Wild Zero, Guitar Wolf’s infamous zombie movie!

T-Rex from A Tiny Space Yojouhan

Jet Reason

2016.10.06 – France, Paris: Petit Bain
2016.10.07 – UK, London: The Dome
2016.10.08 – Netherlands, Utecht: DB’s
2016.10.09 – Netherlands, Haarlem: Patronat
2016.10.11 – Germany , Hamburg: Hafenklang
2016.10.13 – Norway, Oslo: Pokalen
2016.10.14 – Sweden, Stockholm: Vieille Montagne
2016.10.17 – Germany, Berlin: Wild At Heart
2016.10.18 – Germany, Stuttgart: Goldmark’s
2016.10.19 – Germany, Munich: Storm
2016.10.20 – Austria, Vienna: Arena
2016.10.21 – Germany, Wurzburg: Immerhin
2016.10.22 – Switzerland, Lausanne: LUFF
2016.10.23 – France, Valence: Le Mistral Palace
2016.10.25 – Italy, Bologna: Freakout
2016.10.26 – Italy, Torino: Blah Blah
2016.10.28 – France, Montpellier: Secret Place
2016.10.29 – Spain, Benidorm: Funtastic Dracula Festival