Later this month Government Alpha will return with a new release out on Tension Collapse, a new cassette-only noise label from Australia. GA’s new title Splendid Depravity will be their fourth release and it will be out on a C30 cassette, featuring one long track on each side. There isn’t much info about the label online, all they have is a webshop at bigcartel, so, that’s where the casette’s gonna be up for sale later on, but it will be probably available thru Discogs as well.

Splendid Depravity
A.Unprincipled Revolt
B.Unprincipled Ceremony

However just a few weeks ago, there was another new release from Yoshida Yasutoshi‘s project: a split LP with seminal US noise group Bastard Noise. Reportedly years in the making Interstellar Perceptions of a Failed Species is the latest in a long line of collaborations between the two and it was out on US label Anthems of The Undesirable on the 31st of October. Containing harsh noise tracks from Government Alpha on one side and eerie compositions from Bastard Noise on the other, it was released in a limited edition of 378 and is available on black vinyl or on clear one either with black or red splatter at Bandcamp and bigcartel.

Interstellar Perceptions of a Failed Species
01.Government Alpha: Spinal Anesthesia (04:12)
02.Government Alpha: Invisible Ray 10:50)
03.Government Alpha: Peristaltic Motion (04:28)
04.Bastard Noise: Making Sure All Slaughterhouse Workers Are Incinerated (06:03)
05.Bastard Noise: <Untitled 1> (00:13)
06.Bastard Noise: GN-Z11 (04:43)
07.Bastard Noise: <Untitled 2> (00:11)
08.Bastard Noise: Human Life Finally Eradicated (Mother Earth’s Enemy Gone) (07:57)