Capsule is back with a new song… more than six years after their latest release, 2015’s excellent Wave Runner album! The duo of Yasutaka Nakata (lyrics, music) and Toshiko Koshijima (vocals) started in 1997, released its first album in 2001 and in its early years was one of the most important new generation Shibuya-kei acts, closely following on the footsteps of Pizzicato Five (and doing a damn good job at it). Later on they gradually shifted towards a more club oriented, electro pop & electro house and then EDM influenced sound, dropping a series of exceptional club hits, while Nakata became one of the most prominent pop music producers of Japan. He was and still is behind such hit makers as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu or Perfume and kept writing songs for them and several other artists while Capsule was on a break… and also did some soundtracks and released a solo album. So, he kept himself very busy, but still, fans were missing Capsule’s more experimental and unique sound.

And then, a couple of days ago, out of the blue, they shared a brand new promo photo and announced a new song, Hikari no Disco! It was released today on selected streaming sites and online stores and it also got its own music video on Youtube. While the video isn’t a very great one, it has that ’80s retro vibe that’s been extremely popular in recent years and to go as ’80s as possible the duo also announced that they will be releasing the song on a limited edition… cassette! The song itself recalls their earlier, electro pop oriented era, so it will be interesting to see if it means that they are returning to that sound or if it was just a detour-of-sorts and they will stick to the club bangers? Let’s wait and see and hope that they will announce more new releases soon!