Satsuki, a vocalist working on the visual kei scene will return to Europe at the end of March to launch a tour, promoting his latest release, a mini album called Reboot. Which, based on the song samples will be… well, a weird release. Up to this point he was always doing rock and metal and the mini’s first track, Zero fits this direction quite well and sounds like a proper headbanger, however then the music takes a drastic change and the rest of the songs are… something that sounds more like badly done trap? Apparently Reboot will be released in Europe only, so it seems he is not trying to push his music back in Japan anymore, but this sudden and rather strange new style might alienate some of his EU fanbase, which consists mostly of visual kei fans, who are obviously more into rock.

01.Zero (Reboot Ver.)
02.Social Network Service (English Ver.)
03.With Beat I Go On
06.Vampire’s Moon (Reboot Ver.)
07.Social Network Service (Japanese Ver.)

2018.03.29 – Germany, Essen: LOCA 71
2018.03.30 – France, Paris
2018.04.01 – Switzerland, Montreux: Polymanga
2018.04.05 – Germany, Berlin: Marie-Antoinette
2018.04.06 – Belgium, Brussels: Rock Classic | Free show
2018.04.07 – Netherland, Oss: Tomocon
2018.04.08 – France, Lyon: Japan Touch Haru
2018.04.12 – France, Lille: Bobble Café
2018.04.13 – Poland, Warsaw: Voodoo Club
2018.04.14/15 – Belgium, Liege: Fukimi Expo (mini showcase/dédicace)
2018.04.15 – Belgium, Liege: Tour final @Le Garage