One of Japan’s most unique and longest running rock bands Buck-Tick released its latest album, No.0 today. It followed two recent singles, Babel, that came out back in November and Moon sayonara wo oshiete which was released in February and the new album contains the two title tracks from those, Salome which was Moon’s B side, plus ten more songs, so 13 tracks altogether. It hit the stores in four different editions, one with only the CD and three with various extras, including an optional DVD or Blu-ray disc with three music videos and one with VR content, plus a VR viewer. Over the years since their formation in 1984 the band went thru a lot of changes musically, experimented with several different genres, but lately they are mostly known for their melodic and dark rock tunes. The recent singles were following that direction and while they might not be the strongest tracks of their long career, let’s not forget that New World, the single off their previous album was mediocre at best, but the album itself, Atom miraiha No.9 turned out to be one of the strongest releases of 2016, so let’s hope No.0 will be just as good!

01.reishiki jyusangata [ai] (零式13型「愛」)
02.bishu Love (美醜Love)
04.Moon sayonara wo oshiete (Moon さよならを教えて)
05.barairojujidan – Rosen Kreuzer – (薔薇色十字団 -Rosen Kreuzer-)
06.Salome – Femme Fatale – (サロメ -Femme Fatale-)
08.hikari no teikoku (光の帝国)
09.Nostalgia ita mekanikarisu (ノスタルジア -ヰタ メカニカリス-)
12.Guernica no yoru (ゲルニカの夜)
13.tainaikaiki (胎内回帰)

Blu-ray / DVD
01.bishu Love (美醜Love)