A bit more than two year after their previous album, Requiem For Hell, Mono will return with a new full-length in January and based on what we know so far, it will differ from their previous releases in several ways. Nowhere Now Here will be their 10th album, that also coincides with their 20th anniversary and the band already released two music videos as previews: the new one, Breath was uploaded last week, while After You Comes The Flood was released back in September. The latter was a hauntingly beautiful short film by French director Julien Levy, depicting a girls’ night turning into a nightmare. And while that one mostly followed the usual Mono sound, Breath is strikingly different: while they are known for their instrumental post rock, Breath sees the band’s bassist Tamaki making her singing debut. Also, before Breath returns to more familiar Mono territories about halfway through, the song is actually closer in sound to band leader Taka Goto‘s solo album from last year. And reportedly that is also true to the whole album, which adds electronics to the band’s ever growing instrumental palette for the first time.

But the new album will also be their first featuring a new line-up. Original drummer Yasunori Takada left the band last December due to personal reasons and it was recently announced that he is now replaced by Dahm Mario Santo Majuri Cipolla, who is best known as a member of The Phantom Family Halo. The album will be out on the 25th of January on CD and double vinyl (in four different colors) and it is already up for pre-order here. Also, the band already announced two European festival dates for next year: one for April and one for July:

2019.04.11 – Netherlands, Tilburg: Roadburn Festival 2019
2019.07.18 – Romania, Cluj-Napoca: Electric Castle 2019

Nowhere Now Here
01.God Bless
02.After You Comes the Flood
04.Nowhere, Now Here
05.Far and Further
08.Meet Us Where the Night Ends
09.Funeral Song
10.Vanishing, Vanishing Maybe