One of the last shows during LAZYgunsBRISKY‘s recent European tour took place in Budapest (and was organized by me actually) at the local anime / pop-cult convention called Mondocon and even though it was squeezed right between two gigs in France with crazy early flights, the girls still delivered a perfect performance. They played for about an hour, with a setlist that covered their whole career and while most of the songs were picked from their wide selection of uptempo rock tracks, they also included a few slower or more popish ones to shake things up and make the show even more diverse musically. Lucy, their singer was simply ruling the show with her charismatic stage presence, but the rest of the girls also gave it all they got and it was the kind of performance where you can see that the band loves each and every moment of the show. That enthusiasm was contagious and they had the whole audience wrapped around their fingers in a matter of minutes, even though many of them probably did not really know much about the band… but after a song or two, the whole hall was partying and jumping around with the girls with many even staying after the show, picking up something from the merchandise stand (that, among a few other things had a set of origami papers with the band’s logo!) and lining up with autographs and a photo with the band.