All girl rock band LAZYgunsBRISKY will be back in Europe with a tour starting this Thursday! They will have both festival and club gigs in France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and also, one in Hungary organized by Japan Vibe. The band started back in 2006 and their music is mixing elements of indie-, garage-, punk- and hard rock. After their first album in 2008 they were discovered by rock legend Kenichi Asai, who also produced the Catching! mini album, the band’s first release on a major label. After several other releases, a European tour and a show at Japan Expo in 2011 they went on hiatus for a couple of years to work on other projects. They reformed in 2015, relesed a single, a mini album and a digital track and now they are ready for their first EU tour in ages. Check below for the dates and couple of music videos:

LAZYgunsBRISKY EU Tour 2018 -Hello,again!-
2018.10.11 – Switzerland, Zürich: Pluto
2018.10.13 – France, Bordeaux: Animasia
2018.10.14 – France, Dijon: Dijon Game Show
2018.10.16 – Austria, Graz: Explosiv
2018.10.17 – Germany, Stuttgart: Keller Club
2018.10.18 – France, Besançon: L’antonnoir
2018.10.19 – France, Issy Les Moulineaux: Le Reacteur
2018.10.20 – Hungary, Budapest: Mondocon
2018.10.21 – France, Paris: Paris Manga