Grim‘s upcoming 10″ was only announced recently (as I posted about it last week), but it is already time for more new material from Jun Konagaya! Besides his ritual industrial releases as Grim, Konagaya also released two solo albums in the past (Organ in 2012 and Travel in 2014) with strangely atmospheric organ based music and now he will return with another one: Memento Mori will be out on the 9th of June on Steinklang, the Austrian label that was also responsible for 2015’s Maha, Grim’s greatest masterpiece to date. The pre-orders are already up and the album will be released in two versions: 200 copies on black and 50 copies on white splattered black vinyl. The latter only available from the label, but there is also an option to get it as a bundle with the LP version of Maha on a very friendly price.

Memento Mori
01.Memento Mori
02.Time of Ruin
03.Run Deer
04.For a Wolf Eats Evils
06.Shepherd and Sword
07.White Nacht