At long last alternative JPop girl group FAKY will have its first CD release! They were supposed to have a mini album out back in 2014, but then the plans changed, that release ended up being digital only and the group went on a long hiatus. After some member changes they restarted in late 2015 and been going strong ever since, but again, only with digital releases, while in Japan still only CDs are considered to be the real deal.

The mini album titled Unwrapped, will hit the stores on the 14th of June, with six tracks altogether, including two previously available ones: their latest single Surrender and Candy, the title track of their digital EP from last year. To promote the release they dropped a music video yesterday for Someday We’ll Know, a new track with a summer vibe, that keeps on switching between slower urban / R&B and mid-tempo dance parts. Besides the CD Only version there will be another edition that comes with a DVD and that one will feature the new music video, the ones for the above mentioned two older tracks, plus another new one for Are You OK? Check the full track listing below along with the covers, which are… well, a bit on the tacky side:

01.Keep Out
03.Are You OK?
04.Bad Things
06.Someday We’ll Know

01.Candy (Music Video)
02.Are You OK? (Music Video)
03.Surrender (Music Video)
04.Someday We’ll Know (Music Video)