After last year’s LP called Orgasm released to coincide with GRIM‘s first European show at the Power:Electronics II Festival (check the live report here and the interview here), Jun Konagaya‘s ritual industrial project will be finally back with new material! It will be a 10″ vinyl titled Discharge Mountain, out on the classic French label Athanor, that’s been around since the ’90s, specializing on occult and ritual music. The material which was recorded this March has no announced release date yet, but they are planning to put it out sometime this summer.

Update (2017.07.17): It seems that there is a bit of a delay with the 10″ and it is scheduled for August now, however Eskimo Records (Konagaya’s own label) in association with Lust Vessel (an important Japanese underground noise / industrial label) is releasing it in a limited edition cassette in time for the Grim show at Sakuradai Pool in Tokyo, which was announced as a release party for Discarge Mountain.

Discharge Mountain
2017.08 (10″) / 2017.07 (cassette)
A1.Discharge Mountain
B1.Goddess Moth