JPop girl group FAKY‘s been rather quiet lately: they released a very decent mini album back in May and took part in the FAMM’IN project alongside singer Yup’in and mannequin pop duo FEMM (interview with the latter here, live report here!) in July, but since then they haven’t released anything new. They remained active though, took part in some promotional campaigns and whatnot, but now they are finally back with a new song! They always had a much more “Western” and contemporary pop sound compared to other Japanese girl groups and the new track, called Surrender (out as a digital single on 2017.03.01) is no different. It might not be their best song so far (it’s definitely not bad tho, and that little drum’n’bass touch at the end in quite neat!), but it fits into their discography perfectly and the accompanying music video turned out to be a pretty cool one, featuring their best dance choreographyto date: